Hi, I am Basil.

A Fine Art & Wedding Photographer

As a passionate wedding photographer, my approach transcends merely capturing moments; it's about weaving narratives and immortalizing emotions. I believe that every couple's love story is unique, and I strive to artistically encapsulate those individual tales through my lens.

From the subtle stolen glances to the grand celebratory gestures, I seek to compose a visual saga that portrays the authenticity and beauty of your love story. Through a blend of storytelling and artistic flair, I aspire to deliver a collection of images that will become cherished keepsakes, capturing not just the events but the very soul of your wedding day.

Kind Words

Milan & Jeswin

“Basil was our obvious first choice when my fiancé and I were planning out our engagement and prewedding shoots. Basil has been with us since the moment we got engaged (literally) to our final prewedding photoshoot. He made us feel like family, made each shoot fun and put us in the bridal spirit. The dedication the team has to their clients is evident in all four of the photoshoots we’ve done with them. I was probably the teams toughest bride with differing visions for each shoot, but Basil executed it"”

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